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For the further expansion of our sales activities abroad we lacked capacity, so we opted for external support. Since July 2017 we have successfully worked wih Ms. Scharf in the area of interim sales management. We were particularly impressed by her extensive experience in international business and the fact that she actively contributes to the implementation of the measures.

Mrs Scharf has taken on the task of exploiting in the long term the enormous potential in the most important European markets. In doing so, she visits existing and potential customers strenghtening trust and bolstering sales. With her high level of autonomy and goal orientation, she has within short time achieved measurable results and is a real boost for us.

In order to help our administative assistants in dealing with foreign partners, Ms. Scharf gave workshops about the topic of "Challenges in international business“. The employees thus expanded their knowledge in the export sector and now use it effectively in their daily work.

Mrs. Scharf has quickly integrated into our team and is a great enrichment for our company. We thank her for the productive cooperation and look forward to its continuation. The professional sales support has entirely convinced us, we are glad to recommend extra-com.

Manfred Griesinger, Managing Director


Since June 2017 we have worked together in the field of acquisition of new international clients. Our intention was to focus only on Germany and Austria, we then however extended our cooperation to the UK, Denmark and Poland. Thanks to your excellent knowledge of foreign mentalities and languages, you paved us this way as well.

Within very short time you set up qualified appointments for our sales representatives. The quotes resulting from these meetings led to orders from Germany and Austria. We know and appreciate you as a very competent, highly committed and absolutely reliable person. With your impeccable professional qualifications and your proactive work, you are considerably contributing to strengthening our market presence and securing our growth. Thank you very much once again!

We look forward to continuing our good cooperation in the future and gladly recommend you.

Harald Nitzschke, CEO





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Mrs. Scharf worked in our company as Interim Export Manager from February to June 2017. We hired her due to her long-standing export practice and her extensive knowledge of foreign languages as prompt relief was important to us. Thanks to her very rapid comprehension and analytical skills; Ms. Scharf plunged within a very short time deeply into the complex project and the contractual requirements of the oil and gas industry. She took over a large part of the commercial project management and was at all time a competent partner for our customers and suppliers.

Mrs. Scharf was a great asset for our company both as employee and as colleague. We thank her for her excellent work and fully recommend her. It will be our pleasure to work with her again in future.

Martina Fliegner, Commercial Manager/Business Controller
Katharina Demeter-Müller, Export Manager


Mrs. Drita Scharf worked from March to June 2017 in the TANAP project. The shipment destined to Eskişehir, Turkey included a turbine for the expansion of gas reducing pressure in the pipeline and its accessories. The contractual obligations to deliver the whole scope of supply DDP Eskişehir were highly demanding as to time schedule and logistics, safety and environment requirements. Mrs. Scharf was in charge of the operation of the logistic chain: knowledge of the contractual requirements, coordination between different Atlas Copco departments and the assigned forwarding company, communication with the responsible persons involved and regular reporting to the customer and project management in a timely manner.

Mrs. Scharf concretely contributed to the success of this project.She proactively ensured that all the conditions are in place for a smooth development of the transport process. She never lost the overview of the tasks ongoing and tasks still to be accomplished according to the time schedule. Mrs. Scharf’s contribution to this project was very valuable.

We highly appreciate the fruitful collaboration with Ms. Scharf and thank her very much for her excellent work.We wish her the best for her future projects and gladly recommend her.

Marco Alessandri, Project Manager


Due to our cooperation with extra-com, we were able to expand our dealer network and establish promising contacts into neighbouring countries. Ms Scharf convinces with her consequent, efficient way of working and her dynamics.

Systematically and with sensitivity she establishes contacts with customers. Persistently but always friendly she stays on track. Her commitment and speed are second to none. With new ideas, Mrs Scharf continuously contributes to progress in projects and provides valuable input.

We are very satisfied with the productive cooperation and are planning further common actions. It is our pleasure to recommend extra-com.

Roland Wolf, Managing Director








Due to your work methods including the preparation, you were very quickly familiar with the target groups and the products of TANOS. The cooperation with our internal sales team was intense and very productive thanks to a structured reporting.

Within just a few hours you achieved the aim of finding a new trading partner and generating interest in industrial companies through the order of chargeable samples and the arrangement of appointments.

We will be happy to continue using the services of extra-com. We were especially convinced of your competence in establishing contacts with decision-makers at management level, in obtaining concrete results as well as of your excellent language skills.
Thank you for the great cooperation.

Renate Klotzbücher, Manager Internal Sales


We appreciate very much Ms. Scharf's help beyond the tasks agreed upon, she helps us in best preparing ourselves for export: from the elaboration of quoations to payment conditions across particularities in export business and foreign mentalities.

The cooperation is very pleasant and uncomplicated. Commitments and dates are always respected. In addition, extra-com continuously keeps us informed about all developments regarding our newly acquired, globally represented prospects.

We are absolutely satisfied with this very good and fruitful cooperation which we will continue after the first project. Moreover, we would be delighted if Mrs Scharf accompanies us to the next trade fair. With her knowledge and skills she is exactly the right contact for our existing and potential export clients.

Elisabeth Schneider, Managing Director








As a leader in the sector of massive forming, we have for 124 years been successful in the areas of die forging, industrial valves, mechanical processing and manufacture of components.

For an external collaborator this means above all understanding the high-tech areas of expertise and technically sophisticated processes and recognizing from these the benefits for our customers. Ms. Scharf has the understanding as well as the competence to present convincingly our solutions to customers. She thereby interacts in German, English, French and Spanish.

Thanks to Ms. Scharf's dedicated work numerous valuable customer contacts have already been established resulting in requests for quotations and visits. Through her excellent work she has gained a reputation in our company so that we are entrusting her with additional projects and extending her work area. We look forward to continuing such a good cooperation.

Sebastian Koch, Head of International Sales


Due to the very attractive brochure and a convincing first interview, we decided to entrust Ms. Scharf with the acquisition of new customers in Austria for our Wolfseal product group. The certainty that all services are personally provided by Ms. Scharf was definitely a deciding factor for us. Within 4 weeks after contract signing Ms. Scharf had analyzed the market for target groups and already made appointments with the 4 most important potential customers. All interlocutors were well prepared for the appointment. The discussions were very positive, which certainly was also backed up by Ms. Scharf's presence. In summary we can say that Ms. Scharf fully met our expectations and we confidently recommend her.
Roland Wolf, Managing Director





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Since October 2013 we have been cooperating with Ms. Scharf and are convinced of the quality of her work. We have entrusted Ms. Scharf with the opening of the Croatian market and now extend her activities to France.
Georg Windeisen, Managing Director

We have specifically engaged Ms. Scharf for the support in the acquisition of new clients. Her work has permitted us to get into contact with numerous prospective buyers and generated a lot of quotations. The result has largely exceeded our expectations and has convinced us that we are in good hands. In the future we also wish to continue our sales activities with Ms. Scharf and gladly recommend her.
Torsten Wunderwald, Managing Director





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Ms. Scharf was responsible for the acquisition of new clients all over the world. Due to her strong communicative skills and her extensive knowledge of foreign languages, she established good contacts to new potential buyers and successfully deepened existing connections. We thank Ms. Scharf for the exceptionnally good cooperation and will not hesitate to entrust her with new assignments as required.
Stefan Siller, Export Director


In Ms. Scharf we have found a reliable and professional partner who expands and strengthens our sales success. Due to her outstanding professional competence and her committed work, she established valuable contacts to potential clients and arranged appointments. In this way our customer network was systematically extended and our internal sales service relieved. We are very satisfied with the achieved success and look forward to a continuing good cooperation.
Marcus Oesterle, Managing Director



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Since January 2013 Ms. Scharf has successfully supported us with her professional know­how with a measurable succcess. The download rate of Evolution: Indian Hunter is the highest in Europe. We are very satisfied with the pleasant and professional cooperation and will glady continue with it.
Roman Hoffmann, Managing Director