Your advantages

  • You are relieved from pressure and have more time for your main business.

  • You receive professional support and benefit from
    > my extensive work experience in export and sales
    > my sound expertise
    > my intercultural experience

  • You save time and money

  • Costly advertisements, lengthy analysis of applications, and time-consuming interviews become unnecessary.

  • You do not contract a long-term commitment – the cooperation is temporary.

  • You have full cost transparency

  • Payroll fringe costs as well as leave benefits during illness, vacation, and holidays disappear. Payment due is based on the actual time worked.

  • You receive a fresh perspective from an external partner.


With knowledge of the culture, mentality and language you will be positively perceived by your international business partners. As a result, better and more intensive customer contact will be possible. Due to the personal relationship these business partners are more likely to decide to work with you.